It always seems that no matter how much you try and protect them, teeth are often the first to go when it comes to sports collisions. Like with many sporting injuries, the longer you leave your damaged and broken teeth unattended to, the harder it will be to repair them, and the more expensive it will be to have that work done. Luckily, West End Denture Clinic are the location for dentures in Brisbane City.

Aside from dramatically impacting confidence levels when it comes to a damaged smile, there can also be many other health implications if the damage isn’t attended to, treated, and rectified as quickly as possible. Such effects can include:

  • Speech impediments: Teeth play a crucial role in the correct formation of letters and sounds, the loss of one of more teeth can have a dramatic impact on pronunciation and speech;
  • Structural changes: The remaining teeth can often start creating issues as they have lost their structural guidance and support within the mouth. Teeth can grow in incorrect directions, causing problems all over the mouth;
  • A weaker bite: When it comes to the chewing of food, teeth are crucial. When one or more are damaged, the impact it has with food chewing abilities can be huge. Before you know it, foods have to be eliminated from diets to counteract the issue.

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